We get to the heart of your brand. 

Our Brand Development process starts with Insights Research. During this phase we will conduct interviews with current and potential customers, as well as your internal team. The aim here is to discover any customer pain points that we can address and to identify any discrepancies between internal culture and external brand messaging. 

Armed with the knowledge we gain from the Insights Research, we will then conduct a Brand Essence workshop where we dissect the inner workings of your brand. Together with you and your team, we delve into your brand's attributes, source of authority, and personality. This ultimately helps us get to the core of your brand, the reason for your being; your brand essence.

Once we've looked internally, we then approach your brand from an external perspective. We will take you and your team through a Brand Positioning workshop to discover where you stand amongst your competitors. Here we analyse your competitors' strengths and weaknesses alongside yours. We look at your similarities as well as your differences to try and distill a true and sustainable point of difference.

The Fearless Brand Development Program.

Insights Research

Our usual approach is to engage your target clients through telephone-recorded interviews and distribute internal surveys to gain relevant sound bites that fuel discussion in the brand essence and brand positioning workshops.

Brand Value Innovation

Value Innovation defies competition based strategy. It seeks to create a sustainable point of difference, driving the brand into new uncontested market spaces by creating buyer value that has never been offered before. 

Brand Essence

This is a comprehensive and rigorous brand evaluation and development exercise that ensures the delivery of a powerful single-minded brand essence that will be in-line with your business objectives, mission and strategies.

Brand Language 

Fearless shall build a brand language that will become the basis of a comprehensive content strategy and can be distributed as a reference tool for anyone on your team who creates content or is involved with communication in general.

Brand Positioning

This establishes a solid position for the brand amongst your target customers and sets out key parameters for success through visual brand mapping and differentiating against your immediate competition.

Communication Strategy

The communication strategy is designed to provide the right communication channel strategies to reach your desired target customers and the design of any new sales collateral and/or creative materials to strengthen all forms of communication.


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