April 04, 2019

You Clearly need a Clear Message

Which comes first, the logo or the brand messaging? If you answered “logo”, I’m sorry to say my friend, but you’re wrong.

Yes, the visual representation of your brand is important. After all, it is the first impression that customers will get of your brand. But have you ever met someone who was gorgeous to look at only to find out later on that they didn’t really have any substance? That’s what it’s like for customers who stumble upon brands who look amazing but don’t follow through with their messaging.

Before thinking of how your brand should look, you really should work on building it from the inside out. Start with a purpose then work your way to design. This way, you will have a blueprint that will ensure that any effort you put into building your brand remains consistent. That’s only one reason you should prioritise messaging, here are a few more:

You only have 7 seconds

In today’s digital and distracted world, brands only have about 7 seconds to get a customer’s attention. As humans living in this era, we have become accustom (and immune) to advertising messages. So, most of the time, we just scroll past them and move on to the next, more interesting thing. By having a clear and specific message, you get to engage with your perfect prospective client in a meaningful way. By saying the right message, to the right person, at the right time, you’ll be able to surpass the 7 second rule and make a real connection.

You can cut through the noise

If you’re in a saturated market, getting your messaging right is mission critical. With so many brands selling and saying the same thing in the same space, saying something clearly different will get you noticed. If your competitors use complicated and emotional messaging to cut through, do the opposite; use simple practical facts and be pragmatic. A clear message is about understanding your competition as it is about understanding yourself. Take stock of the messages being said around you; when everybody zags, choose to zig.

You can stop screaming into the void

Marketing can sometimes feel like you’re screaming into the void and only hearing your echo back, especially when customers and investors don’t respond to what you’re saying. The fact of the matter is they probably don’t understand message. Your customers are busy people, they won’t take the time to learn about you and your brand if your message doesn’t resonate with them. By having a clear and compelling message from the get go, you control how your customers, investors, potential employees, etc. see your brand and think about your offering. This way, you’ll stop screaming into the void and actually start connecting with people.




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