July 06, 2017

Why your brand message is so important

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In a distracted world, we have about 3 seconds to get our brand messaging across before we lose you.

Let’s face it, these days we are so distracted that it’ll be amazing if you read this blog through to the end without getting interrupted…are you still there?

To add to this distraction it’s now proven, through the latest research, that we actually cannot multitask. We can only rapidly switch our attention from one thing to another; granted women do this better than men. Bottom-line, if I’m not crystal clear with my message, it’ll be missed or misconstrued. It’s the same for brands. 

Worst still for brands is that if your message is not succinct to the point of incredible clarity and directness, you will not be noticed or remembered, and you will be destined to sink below the level of visibility. Not to put a downer on your day, but worst still consumers expect that as a brand you stand for something noble and forthright. You have to have a belief system around the brand that oozes your purpose so that people will know, love and trust you. 

And one more thing – consumers have a myriad of online platforms that the brand needs to communicate on and the expectation is for consistency in message, not sameness. Meaning that you must cater for each different audience as they relate to each different platform, i.e. Instagram versus Snapchat versus Facebook etc.

So what do you do? Boldly articulate your purpose! Clearly and consistently tell your target audience what you stand for and why they should believe in you. This is the first step in strategic branding. If you do this well, they will seek out and pay more for your brand.

In a distracted world, we have about 3 seconds to get our message across before we lose you. YouTube ‘skip this ad’ demonstrates this because your mouse is on that button well before the ad even starts playing, meaning if you could stop the ad sooner you would.  So your message better be clear, concise and fearless. 

So tell me, what’s your brand message in 3 seconds? Don’t mumble now or you’ve lost me…


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