January 24, 2019

Why ‘Years of Tenure’ Isn’t Good Enough

Your Source of Authority (SOA) represents one of the most important cornerstones in the essence of your brand. It is the bedrock of your brand, the solid foundations that will uphold and support it regardless of whatever evolution and innovation it may undergo. A strong SOA creates trust, inciting a sense of confidence into consumers that their money is well spent with you.

So now that you’re on top of exactly what an SOA is, the next step is learning how to find and articulate yours.

Authority is not something you can confer on yourself; rather a reputation that others must assign to you. Building a niche, curating expert content and committing to a cause are all ways to build your Source of Authority.

In years past, big companies with decades of success under their belt leveraged these years of tenure as their Source of Authority. While a longstanding reputation of excellence is a sure-fire SOA, it’s a dangerous thing to rest on your laurels. After all, an important characteristic shared by the most successful companies and strongest brands is their willingness to adapt and evolve.

As Charles Darwin illustrates, ‘it’s not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it’s the one that is most adaptable to change.’

For consumers nowadays, it is no longer about who’s been around the longest, it’s about who can offer them the most value.

So if you’re a brand that hasn’t been around for years, leverage off of something you do have, like a specific methodology, a new and improved process, or even an innovative way of thinking.

It’s about finding what you do best and articulating that to the world. It’s about letting your customers know that you are the expert in your field. Showcase this through regular blog updates, industry white papers, YouTube “how-to’s”, or even by responding to questions regarding your expertise on various social media platforms. The trick is to be an active player, stay on the forefront of your industry’s innovation, and make sure you broadcast your thought leadership on a regular basis.

And remember, if you need help finding and articulating your brand’s essence or Source of Authority, the team at Fearless will be happy to help


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