January 23, 2019

What's Your Purpose?

“The people who succeed are irrationally passionate about something,” 
- Naval Ravikant.

Your brand is operating smoothly. Staff are content, expenses are being kept at bay and profit is at a reasonable level. Your clients are interested and proud to drop your name in business situations. Everything is tracking along a neutral plane. But what transforms contentment into joy? What propels neutrality into an ascending journey? Passion; and your purpose.

Passion does NOT equal purpose.

Just because you love to sell cars or design urban landscapes does NOT mean this is your brand’s purpose. This is your passion. Distinguishing the two is important because they influence each other; but they are not synonymous. Understanding your passion and nurturing it is your means to do something, not the means as to why you are doing it.

Avoidance tactics? Be selfish.

After all, this is your brand. Digging for your purpose is about reinvigorating your brand with new meaning. It’s okay (and best) to initially ask yourself the bigger questions like how and why. Answer them on your own before approaching your team for a group response; it will prevent you from being swayed by influential opinions and eliminate any element of doubt - you can be totally transparent with yourself. You have the unique intuition and ability to communicate the narrative behind your brand that gives it purpose.

Ask yourself: why are you passionate about your particular niche? How did you become passionate about it? Why is it important to you?

Each answer adds another genuine layer to form your brand’s complex purpose.

It’s not embarrassing to be open and honest.

There is a strong ongoing correlation between consumer appreciation and brands that cradle an active, authentic purpose. Sales statistics prove this. The Hows and Whys are probing but reveal the raw reasons that brought your brand into fruition.

These questions help to develop a sense of originality and authenticity that sustains the existence of your brand. They delve deeper into the genuine reason that powers not only a passion, but a brand or business. For example, someone’s love for selling cars may be fulfilling as it gives people the gift of effortless travel. Or maybe it’s because the vehicle itself acts a transportable capsule that provides the opportunity to create lifelong memories.

Get them in the feels.

We’re all human. Living, breathing and feeling. Brands are envisioned by people for people. Having a genuine intention fuelling your brand will resonate with your target market. The combination of functional and emotional purposes that consumers find relatable or viable within their lifestyle forges a journey that they can empathise with. It’s no longer just about the acquisition of a product. 

People put their trust in the feeling captured within a brand’s purpose – that’s what sells.


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