February 11, 2019

Is There A Cause For You?


Gone are the days where popular product simply equalled success. Nowadays, brands have the responsibility to be their products’ ambassadors with substantiated intentions. People often resonate better with brands that breathe their cause(s). It’s because they are invited to understand why a brand does what they do. Being open and honest with your audience is mega important, but so is establishing your distinguishing cause. 

Do some soul-searching. 

Introspection can be challenging, but it usually allows the dust to settle and the important realisations to ascend into your brand’s consciousness. Your cause is defined by the foundations of your brand. Internally examining the ‘Whys’ that support your brand, e.g. ‘What values support our brand?’, or ‘Why are we producing this type of product or service?’ can unearth the necessary answers stashed away in the core of your soul. Keep in mind your brand purpose and personality, as these may make the difficult questions that little bit easier to answer.


Swim upstream instead of going with the current.

Don’t worry if your cause seems ‘too small’ or ‘too grand’ – it’s these differences that distinguish your brand from others. Conformity is not noticed by people. Driven and motivated for a different reason to your competition? It is admirable. Causes related to helping humanity or bettering the world are automatically shortlisted by consumers because it is caring and something people feel comfortable to invest trust in. But we’re not trying to put words in your mouth. It’s better to be honest - inventing a cause to suit a marketing strategy seems shallow and people will always see through the veneer.

Vocalising your cause honestly and authentically is inspiring for your audience and potential consumers. It’s attractive. It’s moving.

Not only does it put you at the forefront of your market, but at the front of people’s minds.


K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Once you’ve rediscovered your cause, let’s consider how to communicate it.  

Concise. Meaningful. Relevant. This might be the (no-so) secret formula for articulating your cause fearlessly. It takes courage to be a red fish in a sea of blue.


Step 1. Simplify your combination of values into a concise statement or phrase. Forget the jargon. Lose the buzzwords. Short ‘n’ sweet resonates with audiences best, as it is easy to consume.

Step 2. A cause seems vague without being backed by powerful, true sentiments felt by the brand. A cause garners credibility through the genuine meaning behind the words, often supported by the way in which a brand publicly demonstrates itself and operates.  

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you do.


Step 3. Brands are like a living organism. They grow and transform with their ever-evolving landscape. So, build your communications from your current cause. Staying relevant revolves around adaptation, whilst maintaining a strong sense of self. Let your brand and cause evolve as it needs. Just make sure to update the way your brand expresses itself when growth occurs.


Every brand has a cause. It’s just a matter of delving deep and undergoing some honest introspection – you hold all the answers about your brand, you just need to rediscover them.


Be brave.
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