April 30, 2019

Introducing Intentional Branding

Intentional branding is commonly known as the conscious choices you make about your brand (look) and the steps you take to implement them in ways that are true to your brand. While many of us are familiar with this definition of “intentional branding”, I’d like to introduce a new connotation. 

Here at Fearless, we see intentional branding as the art of using your brand as a vehicle to drive a specific cause. This strategy of turning support for a cause into long term brand equity is nothing new. Think of brands like Patagonia, ThankYou, and Lush. Whether their cause is to save the environment, help poverty stricken nations, or to empower body positivity, each of these brands exists with the intention to champion a specific cause.   

These intentions are what have allowed these brands to gain immense popularity and have helped their customers see value in them, and thus, be willing to pay premium prices for their products. That being said, these brands exist not just to make a profit but to also make a difference.

Intentional branding is what sets these brands apart in the minds of the customers. When they’re faced with a shelf full of the same products from different brands, they are more likely to pick up and purchase the product made by the brand that has made their cause, purpose, and intentions loud and clear. The reason being that these intentions allow the customer to create an emotional connection to the brand. It other words, it makes them feel good to support a brand that does good.

Intentional branding is the foundation to your business’ “why”. It is the guiding light for everything that your brand does, from product creation to advertising and marketing. It builds a belief system around your brand that filters through your entire organisation. It gets your people inspired to work for you and gets your customers excited to buy from you.     

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs to discover how your brand could utilise intentional branding to stand out in your sphere. 


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