February 04, 2019

If Your Brand Walked in the Door, Who Would it Be?

There are reasons tabloids feature certain celebrities. They are often memorable; even if it isn’t for all the right reasons. We’re not asking you to idolise and imitate celebrities, but rather question and delve into why their names and brands are so successful.

Celebrities are highly brand-aware individuals because they are a living, breathing brand. Their reputation is something coveted by others, or totally rejected by them. Brands function in a similar way – brand values, beliefs, even legacies are built from the foundations of their personality. People invest in a certain brand over the other because it aligns with their values; both personal and aesthetic.

For example, take Richard Pratt. He has empowered the Australian public with VISY Recycling; hence why there are higher percentages of Australians recycling their rubbish and being environmentally-conscious individuals, as they have the chance to actively engage with their sustainability values.

For brand founders: your brand personality provides you with direction. It shapes how you articulate your purpose and communicate with people. Knowing who you are and what you stand for can transform how your brand appears to audiences and what kind of reputation it garners. Remaining true to your brand personality is essential. Authenticity is rewarded, as it builds trust between you and your following. Ultimately, people are more inclined to invest in something they feel represents their best self.

So, next time your brand is invited to a cocktail party, who are you going to be? You could be an Albus Dumbledore, combining sage-like wisdom and problem-solving abilities that can transform lives. Or you could be a Martin Luther King Jnr., who inspired a cultural and ideological revolution through emphasising communication,
empathy and acceptance.

Sometimes it’s not just what you did, but how you went about achieving it, that is most memorable – and respected.


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