October 15, 2018

How to find the 'essence' of your brand

What underpins your brand, and why? These are the simplest questions to ask, but the toughest to answer.

The essence of your brand is discovered through a process of experimentation and curation. We know that you’re the expert of your brand – that’s why you will choose the ingredients that best capture your brand’s essence, and combine them step by step.

Begin by reflecting on the attributes that make your brand shine or those that form an integral part of it. List them – write everything down. This is the brainstorm stage. It’s to help you think more brand-centric! Highlight the most important ideas – this is the first part of curation. 

Consider where your brand came from; what ideas did it culminate from, who inspired it, how did it form? These questions can assist you in establish your Source of Authority (SoA). The SoA are the solid foundations that hold your brand upright to ensure it doesn’t sway and fall. These will always remain supporting your brand regardless of the evolution it undergoes – also the brand’s safety net.

Ask yourself how you wish your brand to be seen by your audience. Simultaneously, put yourself in their shoes and try to understand the qualities they would look for in your brand. Considering both sides – that’s what it is about. Having that dual perspective will enable you to lower the unnecessary background noise and champion your brand’s song. 

Think of personality archetypes. Does your brand channel wisdom? Or is it more of a rebel in its marketplace? Listing five of the most significant archetypes are the finishing touches in curating your brand’s essence.

The curation culminates in an experimental concoction to form the brand essence statement; combining equal amounts of the best attributes, values and qualities, whilst considering the SoA of the brand. A few succinct phrases describing these will do.

Bring the entire mixture to a boil, and simmer until a fragrant and distinct scent emanates from the pot. Strain your liquid gold into a small bottle, and there you have it – a bottle of your brand essence.


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