May 04, 2021

Does Your Brand have a Belief System?

The best brands aren’t just brands, they are belief systems.

In the world we live in today, the role of any brand is to improve people’s lives and play a meaningful role in society. So, adopting an infinite mindset (or belief system) can help brands exchange short-term gains for the goal of achieving a lasting, positive impact on the world. So ask yourself these questions. What do you really believe in? What motivates you to do your work every day? Do you have a belief system that attracts customers and employees to align with your brand? If you’re struggling to answer these questions, we’re afraid that you’re missing a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and better your brand positioning.

Consumers and employees are inspired when they understand the fundamental reason you do what you do. We, as humans, are less likely to be on board if we feel unconvinced, or that something’s just not gelling. Much like jelly itself. Sure, you can add layers of fruit, custard, crushed biscuits, and lashings of ice cream to it. But if that jelly (the ‘why’ of your business) isn’t set, it doesn’t matter what you add or sugar coat it with. Ultimately, it’ll just fall apart. So, how do you make sure your belief system is set? Get into the habit of regular research and brainstorming sessions with your team and your clients to remind yourself of your ‘why’. This is how to find that solid ‘sweet spot’ where profitability and purpose come together.

A brand with a strong belief system offers a sense of belonging to internal and external stakeholders. We, as a society, are no longer buying products; we’re buying ideologies and communities. By speaking to the values of our audience and building a belief system around it, we can give consumers and our team members a sense of belonging. Listen to those around you and think about issues they care about and everyday problems they encounter, because these are opportunities your brand can get involved in to make their lives better and be a powerful force for good.

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