April 15, 2021

Do You Have Current Insight into Your Customer Pain Points?

The most painful pain points are often the ones we can’t identify off the bat. When going about our day-to-day business in autopilot mode, we experience these niggly moments just as quickly as we get over them. Most industries and buyers become blind to them, accepting them as ‘the way things are.’ But what if we could eliminate them altogether? Why shouldn’t we? What are the pain points that your industry forces on consumers? Do you know enough about their ever-changing expectations? Are you prepared to listen? It’s always important to check in and ask questions. These problems can be turned into opportunities by brands to do better business.

Since staying on top of your customer’s wavering demands is a constant challenge, it makes sense to develop a strong strategy and find the right tools. Identifying dissatisfaction in your industry will bring a new perspective and insight into breaking away from the competition and helping customers accomplish what they want to do. A good starting point when identifying pain points is considering productivity, profit, people and process. Dive into your research, have a brainstorming session with your team, and talk to people in your market.

Industry leaders are committed to listening. Whether surveying or having one-on-ones, have conversations with those who experience your brand. One discussion could help shape the service you’re providing. It could add further value to an existing relationship. Staying connected to your audience will ensure you are building trust and belief systems they will resonate with. Most of us want to be emotionally, morally, and behaviourally connected to our jobs and the brands we choose to spend with. So, show you care.

We recommend using methods to identify customer pain points, ask the right questions, and find the best practices for leveraging them. Communicating to the pain points your industry forces on consumers is a way to say you are listening, aware of, and doing something about it. It’s an opportunity to address the issue and create a leap in value that could differentiate you from the competition. It may even push you into an uncontested marketplace.

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