September 12, 2018

Brand Language: What it is and why you need it

It’s a tricky time for brands striving to retain consistency when they’re expected to be present across a variety of platforms, uphold the authority their audience has entrusted to them as well as deliver the service that underpins their existence. 

The current digital marketing sphere is chaotic. No two ways about it. Consumers are bombarded with a barrage of graphics and content, all designed to draw us in and spend our money. However, is all becoming too much?

The reality is, our shortened attention spans can’t quite keep up with these rapidly changing trends and messages, so we switch off.

How to combat this?

A strong brand language is a great starting point. Brand language is a concept that is developed over time and silently, but effectively infiltrates the psyche of consumers.

Creating a unified ‘tone of voice’ across all channels that reflects your brand essence makes a strong statement of cohesiveness and helps your brand to be heard above the chatter.

A well-defined brand purpose, as well as a committed and well-informed team will help to naturally define a brand language.

For reinforcement purposes, however, a style guide of sorts is a useful tool to distribute to anyone tasked with creating content and communication. Language is an important, powerful and often universal tool for businesses. It can steer a consumer through the full brand experience or confuse and deter.

Consistency, unity and clarity are vital to a strong brand language.


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